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Adventure travel

Editorial: Today is Canada Day, this country’s birthday and a national holiday. Will and Kate—Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge—are here on their first international trip together. As I watched them greet the crowds on Parliament Hill I was wondering if they consider this trip to be an adventure. You know, seeing new places, not quite sure what to expect.

Will and Kate have travelled to places “unlike home” so they may consider Canada to be a little tame. Of course, what might be an adventure for one person is not necessarily an adventure for another. Erin Tkachuk found her first few days in Italy to be too much of an adventure but many of us would consider Italy to be culturally similar to home. I couldn’t imagine going over that suspension bridge on the West Coast Trail as Andrew Sunter did or hiking on my own in Ecuador like Alison Payne, but I’m not especially brave so both would be too much of an adventure for me.

Having an adventure does not necessarily mean risky behaviour, however. One definition for adventure is “an exciting or very unusual experience.” Craig Reinhardus seems to find adventure everywhere, even if it’s just catching airplanes! I just returned from visiting two relatively remote (and outstanding) Canadian gardens and the journey took some effort. That was an adventure for me. Perhaps an adventure is doing something out of the ordinary. One of the easiest ways to do that, of course, is to travel.

I hope Will and Kate will not just see gentrified Canada. As with most countries, there are moments in this nation’s history that we are a little embarrassed about. Similarly, travel in South Africa is not just about sun, sand, wine and the big five but also about places like Soweto and Barbara Reinhardus is telling us a bit about that.

If you have a memorable moment you would like to share just send an email and we can see about doing a telephone interview.

In the meantime, I’m off to watch the fireworks!

Sylvia Fanjoy

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