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Family travel

Editorial: Travel is something we often do with members of our family and these trips provide special moments to share forever. Many of you are probably on a road trip with family right now so we thought we would give this issue of ‘Riding the buses’ a family focus. There is an article about a father and son driving in Canada’s north just weeks before the son is to marry and another about a husband and wife travelling in South Africa who are very moved by what they see. There are two sisters from Canada who meet up with two sisters from Bahrain and then there’s Alison Payne who finally ends her solo travel in South America when her long-time boyfriend joins her.

I really became aware of birds a couple of years ago when I was in Boquete, Panama. The owners of the place where I was staying put bowls of fruit out in the early morning and the most spectacular-looking birds stopped by for breakfast. I took photos of them that I proudly emailed to family and friends. Then I saw Darby Bayly’s pictures of her birding trip to Costa Rica. They put mine to shame but I was delighted when she agreed to share hers with us. I think she has also inspired me to become a birder!

Many of us have travelled in countries where the going was tough, not only for us but for the people who lived there. Then the country seemed to change overnight–to become quite modern. But to understand a country we need to know at least its recent past. Charlotte Fanjoy’s piece looking back on her trip through China in 1987 does that and it is very moving.

The weather is now grand where I live. On the other side of Canada—in the Rockies—Erin and Andrew ran into sleet and snow just a couple of weeks ago. They were trekking and got lost and it was a bit of an ordeal and they tell us about it. Tomorrow I’ll take my canoe down the river and afterwards some sisters will join me for a typical Canadian barbeque.

Enjoy August.

Sylvia Fanjoy

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