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2 Responses to "Photo gallery of Larkwhistle"

  1. Ruth E Murray says:

    I love your gardens,
    I lived in On. for 50 Years where I had your
    Harrowsmith book on Perennial Garden and lived by it.
    I moved to BN 15 years ago, a nice piece of land in sight
    of the ocean. My hill is nothing but rocks and trees,
    What I do Plant the deer do a fine job of pruning.
    Any suggestion on what I should plant that is deer resistance
    they love hostas,cedar hedge.St. Andrews NB is overrun with deer.
    They have not been able to come up with any thing to help
    the situation.People are feeding them which is not helping,
    Sorry for all the blathering.
    love your gardens
    Ruth E. Murray

    1. Sylvia Fanjoy says:

      I too loved Larkwhistle and read and reread the Harrowsmith books about the garden. It is unfortunate that the garden is now closed to the public but it served as an inspiration to Canadian gardeners for years. You are not the only one who has been deer-challenged. I live on a busy road and I still had several deer chomping at my plants this summer. My sister put a deer fence all around her cottage property this year — an expensive undertaking but she didn’t want to return in the spring with all the hosts more than pruned!

      But it you live in St. Andrews, NB, then you are very fortunate because it so beautiful and in fact one of my favourite places in Canada.

      Thanks for writing Ruth.

      – Sylvia Fanjoy

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