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Viva Mexico

Editorial: It is September, my favourite month, and cooler air is blowing in, at least in this part of the world. It’s actually a relief for the weather has been scorching hot everywhere I travelled over the past eight months. My old bod is used to temperatures changing with the seasons so I am having difficulty adjusting to this constant heat. But hey, I am not complaining for winter follows autumn in Canada and that means snow will fall and I will need to be off to some place warm before that happens.

Mexico is a beloved destination for a winter break even though the drug battles there have been horrifying. Many foreign tourists safely visit Mexico every year, of course. One of them is Barbara Reinhardus and she will be sharing some of her experiences while travelling there last winter. The first two weeks she and her husband enjoyed Mexico’s sun and sand with their son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren, and then she and her husband were off to colonial cities for what can be described as a cultural journey.

If you’re looking for inspiration you must read how Gerrit Reinhardus celebrated his 70th birthday: by participating in the world’s largest walking event! It’s called the Nijmegen Marches and it takes place annually in the Netherlands in July.  Gerrit walked 40 kilometers a day for four days and had BIG blisters to show for it. One of his sons told me there was no doubt Gerrit would complete it for, he said, “four years ago at age 66 he completed the West Coast Trail in British Columbia in two and a half days (75km) carrying a 70 pound back pack, pulling himself over logs, hopping over boulders, crawling up ladders, swinging from ropes, fighting off wild life, eating disgusting protein bars. Now that is tough!”

That sounds like extreme travel to me but I could use some of his energy for my output in August on Riding the buses fell short and I will be carrying over a couple of articles to September. I’m hoping the Blue Moon that appeared on August 31 (September 1 in some time zones) will get me moving. It’s called that because it was the second full moon in the calendar month and that’s a rare event. We have to wait until July 2015 for the next one to come along. If an ordinary full moon is a sign to take action then I’m hoping the Blue Moon will be a great motivator.

I did move eight yards of garden soil the other day, which seems promising, and later this week my daughter Jessica and I will go on a road trip to the United States. I usually travel for the unknown but I’m still adjusting to the return of the seasons—to normalcy—so I will be content with familiar and even mundane pleasures, if only for awhile.

Sylvia Fanjoy

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