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Riding the buses » Memorable moments, Mexico, Travel itinerary » A scooter on cobblestones in Bucerías, Mexico

A scooter on cobblestones in Bucerías, Mexico

Judith and Charlotte have travelled extensively in Europe, Asia, North America and Latin America. During the 1980s, Judith travelled for six months with her 14-year-old son and Charlotte took a year off work to travel around the globe. Circumstances, however, have changed.

Judith: Now we’re in our 60s and retired. I am also mobility challenged so that can be a worry when you’re planning a trip to a Mexican village famous for its cobblestone streets.

I recently purchased a travel scooter and have used it at Disney World, which was very crowded, and in Brittany, France where there are huge cobblestones. The scooter proved incredibly hardy on cobblestones. It can go up and down hills, over grass and even up low curbs.

A scooter is so much more convenient than a wheelchair and much faster. Airline crews are becoming more familiar with scooters and airlines don’t charge extra to transport one. I was able to ride mine right up to the door of the plane. My scooter breaks easily into 5 pieces that I can lift and it can easily be fitted into the trunk of a taxi.

Charlotte: A friend of Judith’s told her about Bucerías and we looked it up online and decided it would work for us.  Bucerías is 45 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta so it is easy to get to. It was once a quiet fishing village but today many American and Canadian tourists stay there. There are lots of modern apartments and casas to rent and grocery stores to shop in. It’s also small enough so that you can walk to restaurants, markets, shops and the beach, which is important to me because I like to do lots of walking.

Judith: There were just the two of us and I knew that Charlotte would need to take my carry-on luggage as well as her own but she used a backpack so that both hands were free. A few times we asked for help getting the scooter over big curbs and it didn’t bother me to do that. Bucerías is not busy like Puerto Vallarta so often the scooter could go on the road.

I couldn’t take the scooter on the beach but otherwise it was amazing where it could go. The scooter is a lot more bottom-heavy than a wheelchair so I didn’t have to worry about it tipping over. Overall I would say that it is a very good machine.

Charlotte: At first I was concerned with how the scooter—and Judith—would get around. I recall us going to a lovely restaurant on the beach and there was a steep narrow ramp at the entrance. Judith was confident that the scooter could go down it but I was very nervous. The scooter was a hero once again because Judith did not drive into people, tables or décor!

Bringing a scooter was definitely the right decision. Our trip went well and we are looking forward to planning the next one.

By Judith Gooding and Charlotte Fanjoy

Photos credits Judith Gooding and Charlotte Fanjoy

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