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Having a mud bath in a volcano in Colombia

Stephanie Jack and her friends Bridget and Sharon visited Colombia in January and had lots of interesting adventures including this day at the Mud Volcano Totumo.

Before I went on a vacation to Colombia my friend who had recently travelled there suggested that I visit Volcano Totumo. This mud volcano, which is only a 40-minute drive from Cartagena, is supposed to have special healing properties.

When my friends and I arrived at the volcano our first thoughts were that it looked like a giant ant hill made of mud.

We were instructed to strip down to our bikinis and after we eased ourselves into the bath, the male attendants proceeded to massage us with the mud.

I’m glad my friend warned me about the men’s mud massages otherwise I would have felt a lot more uncomfortable!

The whole thing was actually quite funny. The mud is so thick that it pushes you up to the surface and it’s so dense that you need help just to get out.

We liked the fact that there were just a few other tourists – it felt like we had uncovered a very unique destination. We actually spent hours in the mud – and had fun doing volcano synchro!

When we finally climbed out of the mud we went to the nearby river where women threw buckets of water over us and rinsed out our bathing suits.

It felt strange hiding under the water while they did this but they paid no attention to us.

The whole thing only cost $1.50 but you’re expected to tip. It was well worth it for it was both a bizarre and memorable experience.

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This interview with Stephanie Jack has been condensed and edited.

Photo credits Stephanie Jack

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