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Santa Rosa de Cabal, Colombia

Santa Rosa de Cabal is a small mountain town on the western slopes of the Central Andes in Colombia. Stephanie Jack and two of her friends spent a couple of days there during their travels through the country.

Falls that feed the spa

We stayed in a hostel in Santa Rosa that was run by the nicest people ever. They told us about the nearby hot springs and in fact drove us there in their pick-up truck.

Thermal pools

The thermal water pools are below these waterfalls. The setting is spectacular. I don’t think many foreigners know about it though.

Soaking in the hot pool

First you go in the hot pool. Then they bury you under very HOT sand. Then you go in the cold pool.

Full mud massage

Then you get a mud treatment. I went for a full body one!

Relaxing in mud

Then they covered you in plastic, put a blanket on top, and have you lie on a white plastic lawn chair. It was very relaxing and also pretty funny.

Hiking to the waterfall

The next day the hostel staff got two friends to take us on a hike (in rubber boots again) through the cloud forest to Don Lolo waterfall.

“Don Lolo” waterfall

The falls are tall and super narrow so they’re very powerful when they hit the rocks below. We couldn’t get too close or we’d be blown over.

Evening at the hostel

Santa Rosa is not far from the Cocora Valley and a great way to spend a couple of days.

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Photo credits Stephanie Jack

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