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Riding the buses™ is 5 years old

Editorial: Riding the buses had its 5th birthday on March 1, 2015 and it’s taken me this long to write an editorial about it. I’ve been too busy researching trips, taking trips, and writing about trips, all good excuses for the editor of a travel website, I’d say.

We’ve changed, or more correctly my thinking about what travel destinations to include has changed. I’m an old time traveller, one who backpacked along the hippie trail in Asia in the early 1970s. At that time the itinerary included such countries as Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran, all places that are “unlike home”. I had no plans to include “familiar” destinations such as Europe, Australia, Canada or the United States on this website. Not exotic enough.

Sylvia Fanjoy & Jessica Sunter (mother and daughter) travel in Canada, Guatemala, Mexico, and Vietnam

Sylvia Fanjoy & Jessica Sunter (mother and daughter team) travel in Canada, Ecuador, Mexico, and Vietnam

Yet articles on “familiar-to-me” destinations slowly crept in and to my everlasting surprise the article that gets the most visitors is one I did on Canada’s maritime provinces. I’ve travelled extensively in Canada, from coast-to-coast-to-coast as we Canadians say, so if sharing some of those experiences is helpful then why not.

There have been other surprises. An article about an unusual hop-on hop-off bus in Penang gets regular traffic, probably because it’s about the only one on the subject on the web. I was miserable when I wrote it, just wanting to abandon the city because of the insufferable heat.

One I did on Islamic architecture and the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur brought in new visitors from several Muslim countries. I was wandering around rather aimlessly in the city until I came upon a travelling Aga Khan exhibit that helped me make the connections.

Close to 40 travellers are contributors to Riding the buses™, and some are regulars. Their experiences are real, their trips taken on their own time and with their own dime. They travelled for various reasons, not necessarily to see pretty things. Most articles evolved through interviews.

Visitors to the site come from around the globe. According to Google analytics, from 92 countries this month. The United States tops the list (visitors from all but one state with the most coming from California and New York) followed by Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Australia and India.

So what’s “familiar” to me will be “unlike home” to others. And by sharing we get to know one another better. Works for me!

Sylvia Fanjoy

© Riding the buses™ 2015

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