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Road trip itinerary: Maritimes and Newfoundland & Labrador



Many visitors to the Maritimes want to see all three provinces (Nova Scotia including Cape Breton, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island) and some continue on to Newfoundland & Labrador. I regularly receive questions about how best to do this so offer this itinerary based on articles I wrote on my travels to the region, particularly:

My favourite road trip through Canada’s Maritime Provinces
Road trip around Cape Breton Island, NS
A special place called Newfoundland

This itinerary starts in Halifax, which has the largest airport, but those driving to the Maritimes from other parts of Canada or from the United States will probably start in New Brunswick.

Halifax, NS
What came first, the universities or the pubs! There’s much to like about Nova Scotia’s capital. Food and live music tend to top the list. I also love its waterfront and museums, Pier 21 (where one million immigrants landed) and the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia (the tiny Maud Lewis house is so moving) topping my list.

Lighthouse Route, NS
Follow the South Shore along Hwy 3 past lighthouses and charming fishing villages. Highlights include Peggy’s Cove, a quaint fishing village and one of the province’s most photographed places, Memorial to Swissair Flight 111 at Whalesback, Mahone Bay, which is nestled where the Mush-a-Mush and Maggie rivers empty, and Lunenburg, the birthplace of the Bluenose schooner and a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Liverpool to Digby, NS
Take Hwy 8 across the province towards the Bay of Fundy. Highlights include Kejimbujik National Park (often referred to as Keji) and the fortress Port Royal at Annapolis Royal, one of the earliest European settlements in North America. Digby is the scallop capital of the world and a great place for whale watching and clam digging.

Ferry from NS to NB
The  Fundy Rose ferry takes you from Digby, NS to Saint John, NB in less than 3 hours.

Bay of Fundy, NB
St. Andrew’s-by-the-Sea in Passamaquoddy Bay is one of the oldest and loveliest towns in the Maritimes. Fundy National Park near Alma has 100 km of trails. At Hopewell Rocks off Highway 114 the water can rise as high as 16 meters, which is the height of a four-story building—the highest tides in the world. Up to 12 species of whales visit the Bay of Fundy during the summer so be sure to go whale watching on either the Nova Scotia and New Brunswick side of the Bay.

Bridge from NB to PEI
You take the Confederation Bridge from New Brunswick to PEI at Cape Jourimain. This is the longest bridge in the world — 12.9 km (8 mile) long—and it takes about 10 minutes to cross it. You don’t pay a toll going to PEI, either by bridge or by ferry, only when you leave. Consider stopping first at Parlee Beach, which is one of the warmest saltwater beaches in the country.

PEI National Park
PEI, in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, is the ‘birthplace of Confederation’. The province is famous for its sand beaches, red soil, flattish landscape and Anne of Green Gables. This is a perfect place to walk the dunes, have a lobster dinner, buy some pottery and go biking.

Ferry from PEI to NS
On the eastern side of the island, take the ferry across the Northumberland Strait from Wood Islands, PEI to Caribou, NS (just outside Pictou), which takes 75 minutes.

Cape Breton, NS
The Canso Causeway crosses the Strait of Canso that separates Cape Breton Island from the mainland of NS so there is no need to catch a ferry. Cape Breton Highlands National Park is home to the 300 km Cabot Trail, famous for its spectacular ocean and mountain views. Baddeck is on Bras d’Or, which is an enormous inland sea and where you find the Alexander Graham Bell Museum. Less than an hour from Sydney is Fort Louisbourg, founded in 1713 as the capital of New France and restored to reflect life back then.

Ferry from North Sydney, Cape Breton, to Port aux Basques, NL
This 6-hour, 178 km ride ends at Port aux Basques on Newfoundland’s west coast.

Great Northern Peninsula
It’s a 700 km trip up the west coast of NL to the tip of the Great Northern Peninsula and the drive is incredible. North of Deer Lake it is called the Viking Trail (Route 430) and the first stop is Gros Morne National Park, famous for its freshwater fjords, glacial valleys and pristine lakes. Near the end of the trail, on Route 436, is L’Anse aux Meadows where Vikings led by Leif Eriksson arrived from Greenland in around 1000 A.D; sod houses typical of the time have been resurrected here. St. Anthony’s at the tip of the peninsula is where we first saw the big icebergs.

Ferry to the Labrador Coastal Drive
Take the 80-minute ferry across the Strait of Belle Isle from St. Barbe to Blanc Sablon on the Quebec-Labrador border. Watch out for the blackflies. The drive along the paved Labrador Coastal Drive (85 km) is eerie and other worldly, including the stop at the 16th century Red Bay Basque Whaling Station. Return to the mainland.

Avalon Peninsula
Drive from Deer Lake to St. John’s (640 km), stopping at Twillingate on Iceberg Alley if you didn’t see icebergs at St. Anthony’s. St. John’s is where you find crazy coloured houses and where you’ll get ‘screeched-in’ as an honourary Newfoundlander. Witless Bay Ecological Reserve has the largest puffin colony in North America and if you haven’t seen your share of whales by now, well 20 species swim along this coast! Don’t miss the lighthouse at Cape Spear, the oldest surviving lighthouse in the province and the easternmost point of land in North America.

Ferry from Argentia, NL to North Sydney, NS
Argentia is 130 km from St. John’s and the passage to NS takes 12 to 14 hours and doesn’t operate every day.

Back to the start of your itinerary. Be sure to make reservations!

By Sylvia Fanjoy

Photo credits Sylvia Fanjoy

© Riding the buses 2016™

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34 Responses to "Road trip itinerary: Maritimes and Newfoundland & Labrador"

  1. Marcie says:

    I have been exploring many sites to find good information and have found yours to be the best thus far. In saying that my husband and I are hoping to take my 90 year old mother who is most active to NS, PEI and NB for about 16 days this summer. We live in BC so would fly to Halifax and most likely end in Moncton or not depending on what you recommend as we need to fly to TO after for a few days. We want to see as much as possible in that timeframe. We will be renting a car. Walking is a definite for us, short but easy hikes could also be entertained.
    Thank-you in advance for your help.

    1. Sylvia Fanjoy says:

      Well Marcie, if I were to take my 90 year old mother this is what I would do.

      Halifax is a harbour with lots of history and a VERY steep climb from the water up to the Citadel. For sure I would take my Mom on a stroll along the waterfront (and enjoy an ice-cream), go to the Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 (so moving), see Maud Lewis’ house at the Art Gallery (think about seeing the film on her life before you go; the collection has other terrific art such as Alex Colville’s); the Maritime Museum (particularly the exhibit on the Halifax Harbour explosion). Then I would DRIVE up the hill to take it all in from up there!

      Nothing beats the Lighthouse Route. It is quintessential Nova Scotia: Just stop in at the Swissair Memorial Site and look across at Peggy’s Cove and you will know why I say this.

      You should think about taking at least one ferry, either from Digby to NB or the one from NS over to PEI. The PEI bridge is a highlight as is the tides of the Bay of Fundy from the NB side.

      In PEI you should consider doing the floating boardwalk over the sand dunes. A lobster dinner for sure at one of those very unsophisticated places where they give you a plastic bib to protect your clothes. Your Mom might well enjoy lunch at Dalvay-by-the-sea–so historic and elegant with lovely wooden chairs out on the lawn. And of course the Anne of Green Gables performance in Charlottetown (3 generations in my family saw it last summer and all absolutely loved it).

      Make reservations well in advance because the whole area keeps getting busier.

      Have a lovely time.

      – Sylvia

      1. Marcie says:

        All great suggestions. I appreciate you taking into account my mother.
        Thank-you so much.
        I am now on my quest to make reservations etc. etc. and am very much looking forward to exploring the part of my country I have longed to see for some time.
        Take care, Marcie

        1. Sylvia Fanjoy says:

          Have a great trip, Marcie, and pass along any suggestions for us to share.

          – Sylvia

  2. Casey Hannigan says:

    Thank you Sylvia,for doing all this work to help others have a great experience. We are heading for 3 weeks (in and out of Halifax) and we will likely go the route you have suggested to see NS, west coast of NB (bay of fundy) PEI and Cape Breton. Thank you for doing the “homework” for us.

    1. Sylvia Fanjoy says:

      I do so hope you have a good time. I do feel a little intimidated because there are so many options and I am only offering my thoughts.

      Thanks for writing.

      – Sylvia

  3. Lena m. P. says:

    Hi Sylvia, My husband and I are planning to drive from Montreal to the 3 provinces of N.B, NS & P.E.I. leaving Montreal July 2 and back to Montreal July 16. Our first night we plan to stay in Quebec city (July 2).
    Fredericton for 1 night (July 3)
    Moncton for 2 nights (July 4 & 5)
    Yarmouth for 1 night (July 6)
    Halifax for 3 nights (July 7,8 & 9)
    Baddeck for 1 night (July 10)
    Antigonish 1 night (July 11)
    Charlatown 2 nights (July 12 & 13)
    to the US via Portland, Maine 2 nights (July 14 & 15)
    Back to Montreal 5 hour drive July 16

    Is this itenerary do able, is there a way of shortening the stays and still see most of these 3 Provences. Any suggesting are helpful.

    Thank you so much.

    Lena P.

    1. Sylvia Fanjoy says:

      Well Lena, I think I am slowing down and my kids would probably tell you that your plans are totally doable! A few thoughts. #1. I assume there is a reason why you are stopping in Fredericton and Moncton but I don’t see either as “key” destinations when your itinerary is so tight. For me, New Brunswick’s main attraction is the Bay of Fundy and I assume you plan to stop in at the Hopewell Rocks on your way to Moncton. #2. Yarmouth is a long ways from Moncton and for me not really worth the drive. I would be inclined only to go as far as Annapolis Royal and then cut up to Liverpool; the slow drive from there to Halifax is what you go to Nova Scotia to see. #3. It is a long (and rather boring) drive from Halifax to Baddeck. I couldn’t imagine going all that way and not going around the Cabot Trail, one of the best road trips in the country. #4. I would be inclined to skip Antigonish and go from Baddeck to Charlottetown, taking the ferry from Caribou, NS. You can then drive across the Confederation Bridge when you leave the Island.

      Hope this helps and doesn’t mess up your plans. I know how hard it is to put such an itinerary together!

      Kinds regards,

      – Sylvia

  4. Jennifer B. says:

    Hi! We are planning a road trip from upstate New York (around Albany) to Prince Edward Island, but also with the intention in taking in as much of the region that we can in summer 2018. I would say we have between a 2-3 week travel window that can include some New England USA (Portland, ME would be great and/or Montreal on either side of the journey). We are foodies and campers and beach lovers and want to get the biggest bang for our buck. Do you have any travel flow suggestions and must see destinations for us to use to plan our trip? I would ideally like a combo of hotels/inns/rentals and camping. Is there a city on PEI that would make an ideal home base for us for 5-7 days while we explore the entire island? Any and all suggestions would be wonderful. We are traveling without children and we are not on any real time restraints because we are in education and have summers off.
    Thanks for any help!

    1. Sylvia Fanjoy says:

      Oh my Jennifer, your comment is really making me thinK! What you will probably appreciate most about travel in this part of Canada is that it’s not super crowded like places I’ve visited in the New England states. For two adults who are foodies then without question you should spend time in Charlottetown and Halifax. PEI is very small and you can see it all from Charlottetown including the beaches, the sand dunes and the best places to eat. Halifax – hard to beat it for culture, food, pubs and atmosphere.

      I think returning through Quebec is a brilliant idea: Quebec City, Montreal, the Townships. Then you can just slip across the boarder to the US from there (and you will be very surprised when you see the boarder along here – one even passes through a library!) I just posted an article about Montreal ( and here is one on the Townships (

      Have fun (and you will, I’m sure).

      – Sylvia

      1. Jennifer B. says:

        Thank you so much! Charlottetown and Halifax will absolutely be on our journey!

        1. Sylvia Fanjoy says:

          Sound good Jennifer.Bring your appetite and you won’t be disappointed!

          – Sylvia

  5. Donna says:

    We will be visiting the Atlantic Provinces in June. We will have from June 15 – July 2, which gives us 15 – 16 days. Your favorite road trip itinerary is awesome. How many days was this trip in total?
    How many days were spent in wach area?


    1. Sylvia Fanjoy says:

      I’ve done the trip many times, Donna, so time spent in each place varied. Last summer I flew down to Halifax and spent my entire time (a week) in a rented house overlooking Mahone Bay with extended family members and it was perfect. I encouraged my dental hygienist to go East (with her husband and two very young children) and they spent their time (10 days) camping in Cavendish Beach on PEI; they are now planning a return visit to PEI and maybe renting a cottage.

      Travel to the three Maritime Provinces is very doable in 10 days. You have to be a little more strategic when you add Newfoundland but certainly worth it.

      It makes me excited just to think about it…

      Travel well.

      – Sylvia

  6. Sara says:

    My daughter was a missionary in the maritimes and we want to take a trip back to visit where she was and see the sights and meet some of the people she knew there. I am trying to make up a 9 day itinerary. There are certain places we need to go to visit those she knew.
    The list is
    Halifax, Dartmouth, Fredericton, Cornerbrook Newfoundland, and PEI. I would be very grateful for any suggestions as to where to start and what to see. We would like to see St. Johns and twillingate while we are in Newfoundland if possible.

    Thank you.

    1. Sylvia Fanjoy says:

      This strikes me as an ambitious itinerary for 9 days but maybe I am just slowing down. Dartmouth is right beside Halifax, so that is not a problem. The drive from Halifax to Fredericton takes about 4 hours and you could take a detour across PEI (ferry one way, bridge the other way). The ferry from North Sydney to Nfld makes sense and I really enjoyed to drive up that coast to Corner Brook. Just north is Gros Moore National Park, which is a real attraction. The drive from Corner Brook to St. John’s is at least 8 hours and because of all the moose many people don’t drive after dusk. If you follow that itinerary you will be spending a lot of time in a car.

      Maybe you want to consider taking a couple of flights, such as West Jet from Halifax to Corner Brook and over to St. John’s and back to Halifax.

  7. Jackie says:

    Hi Sylvia,

    I just stumbled on your site and it’s been so informative. My family (Me, my husband and 2 boys aged 3&5) are planning a trip from Vancouver to the Atlantic Provinces this summer. Most likely August 5-20. We would really love to spend a few days in both PEI and Newfoundland and also see the main tourist attractions in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. I haven’t booked our flights and are open to the following options:
    -Flying into one city and out of another but this may complicate the car rental (maybe Charlottetown and St. John’s) or
    -return flight from Halifax (first going to Newfoundland via North Sydney and then taking the Argentia ferry back to NS and then drive to PEI/NB and back to Halifax).
    We plan to rent a car for our trip.

    Is this plan doable or should I try to extend our trip or cut down the itinerary?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Sylvia Fanjoy says:

      You probably have your itinerary all sorted out by now. Sorry to be so slow responding. I find the Nfld section of your trip a little ambitious for the time you have unless you fly there. You can certainly do the west coast of Nfld (via North Sydney) and NS, PEI and NB. I am heading down that way shortly and was checking out rental costs for a week from Halifax and was a little put off by the price, I must say (but maybe I am a little cheap…)

  8. Bob MacIntosh says:

    We are planning a 3 week road trip around the Maritimes beginning and ending with flights to and from Halifax. Our intent is to in Halifax October 1st and depart October 21st.We would like to include at least a partial trip to Newfoundland. We love the outdoors and historical sights. Any suggestions for an itinerary. Thanks

    1. Sylvia Fanjoy says:

      Hi Bob. Sorry I was not able to respond before you made your trip. I just provided a quick itinerary to Dianna (below) for the 3 Maritime provinces and an extension up the west coast of Newfoundland (taking the ferry from Cape Breton) would be doable within your timeframe and certainly a very valuable add-on.

      Would love to hear your suggestions having recently done it!

      Thanks for writing Bob.

      – Sylvia

  9. Hello, 5 of us would like to travel New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI in two weeks. Is this possible and if so what is the best way to get there from California? Flying to Maine, and driving i.e.? Any ideas for an itinerary.
    We want to rent a car (LARGE) for 5 people. I am reading all on the internet but am overwhelmed. We are not kayakers, fishermen, etc., just want to sightsee and, of course, eat. Some of us are birders. Any response is appreciated.

    1. Sylvia Fanjoy says:

      Hello Dianna. I have taken almost a year off from this website and am sorry for the delay in responding.

      A trip through Canada’s Maritime provinces should be a relaxed affair. It you happen to get a little lost—well you just turn around.

      That said, here are some suggestions…

      – Fly right to Halifax because it is an international airport and you can go through customs there. Arrange in advance to rent your BIG car (maybe a small van?) at the airport. It’s quite a drive from the airport to Halifax so you so feel quite comfortable with the vehicle by the time you reach the city!

      – Spend at least 2 days in Halifax for there is much to experience.
      – Follow the South Shore along Hwy 3 past lighthouses and charming fishing villages. Highlights include Peggy’s Cove, Mahone Bay, the Memorial to Swissair Flight 111, and Lunenburg.
      – Take Hwy 8 across the province to Digby on the Bay of Fundy. Stops to consider are Kejimbujik National Park, Port Royal fortress at Annapolis Royal, and Digby, the scallop capital of the world.
      – Take the Fundy Rose ferry from Digby, Nova Scotia to Saint John, New Brunswick. The ride takes less than 3 hours. I would make a reservation.
      – Visit the New Brunswick side of the Bay of Fundy. Favourite stops are St. Andrew’s-by-the-Sea, Fundy National Park near Alma, and Hopewell Rocks off Highway 114 (highest tides in the world).
      – Now you’re off to Prince Edward Island (and everyone refers to it as PEI). So make your way to Cape Jourimain where you’ll find the Confederation Bridge, which is the longest bridge in the world. It takes about 10 minutes to drive across it!
      – PEI is small but take your time for it is rather divine and offers something to suit just about everyone.
      – Time for another ferry, this one from Wood Islands, PEI to Caribou, Nova Scotia. This one only takes 75 minutes.
      – It is an easy drive to Halifax from here. Or if you have the time and inclination, head first to Cape Breton. It’s a bit of a drive but well worth it because it’s where you’ll find the Cabot Trail, famous for its spectacular ocean and mountain views and other charming villages and historic sites.

      If you haven’t already made the trip (!), you will have a great time. The food is SPECTACULAR. Yum. And birds love the Bay of Fundy.

      Thanks for writing.

      – Sylvia

  10. Judy Janes says:

    We have two weeks of travel in this area. Do you think we will be able to complete your Maritimes Road Trip Itinerary writhing that time?
    Thank you for your interesting website.

    1. Sylvia Fanjoy says:

      Sorry to be so slow in responding, Judy. Perhaps you have already made your trip! Yes, you can easily see the Maritimes in two weeks. Lots of variation, great food, friendly people, world heritage sites, sandy beaches. What more could we ask for. A perfect summer vacation destination.

      1. Robert Buttery says:

        Dear Sylvia,

        We are in the initial “skeletal” phase of planning a first trip to the Maritimes, including Newfoundland/Labrador. My wife and I (and Maine Coon cat Molly) will be traveling from Florida in our 35′ motorhome, and will be towing a car. We have allocated two months, probably July and August (but we have flexibility), of our six month trip to the Maritimes.

        My first impression of a Maritimes RV trip is that our 2016 six month trip to Alaska was probably excellent preparation and training.

        After we get our planned route sketched out, would you be so kind as to critique and comment on it for us? Like you, we are planners, and like to have reservations where possible, which seems especially important for this trip considering all the ferry travel.

        Thank you, and Happy Holidays.

        1. Sylvia Fanjoy says:

          My goodness, Robert. What an ambitious undertaking. Very exciting. I have never driven a trailer in my life and to do it while hauling a car is beyond imagination. I have travelled up the Alaska highway (I hitch hiked up with a British cook–many years ago) and I sure remember there were lots of very steep mountains to climb so I imagine you will do just fine in the Maritimes!That being said, I think you leave the trailer at the campsite when you go around the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton.

          I have a feeling that you won’t need my feedback but if you want to send the itinerary I will post it here for it will probably be a great resource for others.

          Thanks for writing (and sorry that the Holidays are long past–I am a bit behind in life!)

  11. Jessie says:

    Hi! We will be flying into Halifax and will have 10 full days for a road trip. We love to hike, eat, and stay in Bed and Breakfasts. Anything you would suggest would be great!

    1. Sylvia Fanjoy says:

      Hi Jessie. Fundy National Park and Cape Breton Highlands National Park are well known as hiking destinations, so you probably won’t go wrong spending time in either park. And all three Maritime provinces have outstanding B&Bs so it all sounds like a perfect fit.

      Thanks for writing.

      – Sylvia

  12. Jeanne Pengelly says:

    Hi there. This thread is very helpful. I am planning a trip to the east coast leaving Toronto Aug 6 and returning to Toronto Aug 17. We are planning to drive straight to the east coast, and then begin our adventure there. I would like to take in as much as possible of the highlights, since I’ve never been east. So PEI, NS and NFLD are on the list. We do have relatives in St. Johns, so we would like to spend 3 or 4 days there. Do you have some suggestions? I would LOVE to cross to Labrador for a little time.

    1. Sylvia Fanjoy says:

      I have always wanted to drive to Labrador through Quebec (Baie Comeau, Goose Bay, Blanc-Sablon) but it is almost 2,000 km one way and some of the road is gravel. To get a “taste” of Labrador I think taking the ferry from St. Barbe, Nfld is the most doable.

      It’s a 14 hour drive from Toronto to St. Johns, NB where you’ll probably want to stop for a couple of nights to visit your relatives and see the Fundy tides (and maybe whale watching). Then I think it is a choice of either driving to Cape Breton, taking the ferry to Port aux Basques, Nfld, and driving up the west coast of Nfld with a side trip to Labrador OR driving around the Maritimes.

      Either itinerary would be a great vacation choice.

      – Sylvia Fanjoy

  13. Catherine says:

    Hi there:

    My husband and I are planning a trip to the Maritimes, Newfoundland and Labrador. We have 9 or 10 days. Starting Saturday September 3 to Saturday September 10 or Sunday September 11, 2016. We are flying from Ontario. We don’t mind flying from one city and departing from another or renting a car. We have never been and would love to see lots. I have no idea on where to start and what to plan to see. I need help. All is appreciated it. Catherine

    1. Sylvia Fanjoy says:

      If I were to do it in such a short timeframe and wanted to see all four Atlantic provinces (an admirable undertaking), then I would fly to Halifax and do the itinerary as suggested through Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island by car (but skip Cape Breton) and fly to St. John’s, Nfld, visiting the Avalon Peninsula. It would give you a really good sense of that part of the country.

      Thanks for writing.

      – Sylvia Fanjoy

  14. Elen Borja says:

    Hello -we will be traveling to NS in August and was wondering if you could suggest a road map for us.
    Day 1 arrival Halifax
    Day 2 explore Halifax
    Day 3 Drive from Halifax to NB see Fundy Tides
    stay overnight
    Day 4 drive to PEI -is this where we cross the confederation bridge?
    Stay overnight
    Day 5 drive to cape Breton see lunenberg
    Stay overnight
    Day 6 drive back to Halifax to catch 2 pm flight
    Can u suggest where to stop in between for a sightseeing spot?
    With the short time we have -can u please suggest what to see absolutely not to be missed in NB, PEI, Cape Breton and where to eat?

    1. Sylvia Fanjoy says:

      Good to hear from you, Elen. I don’t think your plans are doable in 6 days and that you need to choose between Cape Breton and New Brunswick/PEI (and Lunenburg in not in Cape Breton but on Nova Scotia’s South Shore).

      I think that one of the reasons so many visitors travel to Nova Scotia is to see the villages along the South Shore and experience the force of the Atlantic Ocean.

      If I had your timeframe (very tight with little chance for error), this is what I would do (and I would book my accommodations and ferries in advance).

      Day 1: Arrive in Halifax
      – Visit Halifax
      – Have dinner overlooking Halifax harbour
      – Overnight Halifax

      Day 2: Lighthouse route and ferry to NB
      – Get up early
      – Arrive at Peggy’s Cove before the tour buses
      – Consider having breakfast at Sou’Wester, Peggy’s Cove (pricy but historic)
      – Continue along the Lighthouse route (Hwy 3) to Lunenburg
      – Visit and have lunch in Lunenburg
      – Drive to Digby (165 km)
      – Take ferry from Digby to Saint John, New Brunswick (17:30 ferry; must arrive 1 hr ahead)
      – Overnight Saint John

      Day 3: Bay of Fundy and bridge to PEI
      – Drive from Saint John to Hopewell Rocks on Bay of Fundy (175 km), arriving when tides are low (see Tides table)
      – Drive to Cape Jourimain (135 km) and take the bridge to Prince Edward Island
      – Overnight Charlottetown or PEI National Park

      Day 4: Prince Edward Island
      – Sights of PEI
      – Lobster supper
      – Overnight PEI

      Day 5: Halifax, NS
      – Take ferry from Wood Islands to Caribou, NS
      – Drive to Halifax (170 km)
      – Overnight Halifax

      Day 6: Halifax and departure
      Hope this is helpful.

      – Sylvia Fanjoy

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